Distillation kit

Distillation Kit (DST-KIT)

For Chemistry

Distillation is a method for separating mixtures based on their different boiling points. The separation is conducted by boiling and condensation. What happens to the temperature of a liquid during the boiling process? You might think that the temperature goes up smoothly, but this is not so. The graph of temperature against time is called a heating curve. In general, the longer the heating continues, the temperature goes up. However, there are horizontal flat parts on the graph which happen when there is a change of state. The plateaus are also called phase changes.
With this kit you will be able to investigate this fascinating behavior through measurements of both pure water and a mixture of water and alcohol or acetone.

The kit consists of:

Still head, 25 ml round bottom flask, Condenser, Receiver, Alcohol lamp, Two 50 ml beakers, Utility stand, Right angle clamp, Extension clamp, Four boiling stones.

NeuLog sensor required (not included):

  Electricity kit main

      Distillation kit experiments: 

    Distillation – part 1 C-15      Distillation – part 2 C-16