Panda Multi-Sensor

  Panda Multi-Sensor

The NeuLog Panda multi-sensor can be used for any science experiment which utilizes Room Temperature, Light, Barometric pressure, Altitude, Sound, Relative Humidity, Dew-Point, Magnetic Field and G-Acceleration readings. Panda is used for environmental data collection and other experiments in Natural Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. It is specially designed for primary school level. The multi-sensor comes pre-calibrated so you can start experimentation right out of the box. Panda Multi-Sensor Guide Panda Explore Science  Panda First Steps in Science

pandatemperature-3-small The Panda Multi-Sensor has nine sensors inside but many other NeuLog sensors can be attached and work with it very easily. Here you can see it with the NeuLog temperature sensor.

Panda PC small
Panda Application for PC
Panda tablet small
Panda with WiFi module

Introduction to Panda


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Panda Instruction Videos

How to Get Started with the NeuLog Panda


How to Run Experiments with the NeuLog Panda

NeuLog Panda with a Computer


NeuLog Panda with Tablets and Smartphones 


Panda Experiments


Level 1

panda light Light at Different Environments S-1
Internal Light sensor
pamda relative humidity Relative Humidity at Different
Environments S-3
Internal Relative humidity sensor
panda sound Sound Levels S-5
Internal Sound sensor
panda temperature Temperature at Different Environments S-8
Internal Temperature sensor
panda barometer Barometric Pressure and Altitude
Internal Barometer sensor and
internal  Altitude sensor
panda magnetic Magnets S-13
Internal Magnetic field sensor
panda acceleration Acceleration in Everyday Life S-16
Internal Acceleration sensor
panda dew point Dew point and Dew Formation S-19
Internal Dew point sensor

Level 2

panda-m-1 The Physics of Jumping M-1
Internal Sound sensor and
internal  Acceleration sensor
panda-m-2 How Low Can you Go M-2
Internal Barometer sensor and
internal  Altitude sensor
panda-m-3 Ecology Research Project M-3 
Several Internal sensors
panda-m-4 Relative Humidity and Dew point M4
Internal Relative humdity sensor and internal Dew point sensor
panda-m-5 360 Degrees of Light M-5
Internal Magnetic field sensor and
internal Light sensor
Weather Measurements M-6
Internal Temperature sensor and
internal Light sensor
Forms and Sources of Energy M-7
Internal Temperature sensor and
internal Light sensor
Loud and Soft Sounds M-8
Internal Sound sensor
Light and Shadow M-9
Internal Temperature sensor and
internal Light sensor
Gravity and Motion M-10
Internal acceleration sensor
Magnetic Field M-11
Internal Magnetic field sensor 
Day and Night Sky M-12
Internal Light sensor
Pushing and Pulling a Car M-13
Internal acceleration sensor


Sample Data

Taken from Experiment
M-4, Relative humidity and Dew point:

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