WiFi Communication module WIFI-201

WiFi Communication module

WIFI-201 and WIFI-202

The WiFi module is without doubts one of the most advanced and innovating elements of NeuLog. Measurements with NeuLog sensors can be performed through any device which uses the Wi-Fi technology, such as iPads and Tablets with Android, PC computers with Windows / Linux or Macintosh with OS. These can all communicate with the Wi-Fi adaptor to begin a unique experience of data acquisition.

There is no need for any application download or software installation to take advantage of all the power of NeuLog sensors through the wifi module.

Any popular browser program can be used. Just plug and surf.

There are two options for this module: WIFI-201 and WIFI-202 (the smaller one)



The WiFi modlule  NeuLog web application:

  • is most intuitive and user friendly.
  • allows saving and loading experiments.
  • can be operated as access point mode in a class without internet.
  • can be operated in client mode through the local router enabling also surfing to other sites.
  • no need for a USB module. It is part of the WiFi module.
  • should be connected to a power supply or to a BAT-200 battery module.
  • The teacher can view the student’s experiment in remote.
  • Students can view the teacher’s experiment on their table.

WIFI-201  module Guide
WIFI-202  module Guide