Motion logger sensor NUL-213

Motion logger sensor NUL-213

This sensor uses an ultrasonic transducer to transmit an ultrasonic wave and measure the time of the echo return. In this way, the sensor measures the distance to an article located against it.

Using the module software, it is able to calculate also the item’s velocity and acceleration. Therefore the sensor has three modes of operations: Distance, Velocity and Acceleration.


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  • Used in the fields of Physics, Mechanics, Physiology, Biology, etc
  • The motion sensor uses an ultrasonic transducer to both transmit an ultrasonic wave, and measure its echo return.
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated at the factory.
  • Experiment duration: 1 second to 31 days.


Sensor Guide and Example labs


Sensor Guide and Example Labs

pdf Motion sensor User Guide
What is included with the sensor, Sensor Specifications, Videos and experiment examples, Technical background, Maintenance and storage, and Warranty.


Falling Objects P-1
Physics Experiment
Walking Analysis P-2
Physics Experiment
Motion Parameters of a Moving Cart P-3
Physics Experiment
Newton’s Second Law P-4
Physics Experiment
Motion of a Cart on an Inclined Plane P-5
Physics Experiment

Sensor Requirements

Hardware (see all)


USB-200 requirements
WIFI-200 requirements
BAT-200 requirements

Software (see all)

computer requirements

Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

Multi requirements 3

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