Upgrade Firmware

Update Firmware

All update software works on MS windows (PC) only.

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The update software works on MS windows (PC only).

This update allows the WiFi module to work with NeuLog sensors as well as the Panda Multi-sensor.

Click on the “WiFi 201” icon on the desktop and follow the program directives.


Update Panda Multi-sensor (ver. 30.83)

The update software works on MS windows (PC) only.

The Panda should be connected to the computer with USB cable while it is off.

Extract the zip file and run the “Prog.exe”.

Follow the program directives.


Update USB module (ver. 30.17)

The update software works on MS windows (PC) only.

The USB module should be connected to the computer with USB cable.

Extract the zip file and run the “Prog.exe”.

Follow update program directives.

Update NeuLog sensors and modules:
  • The update software works on MS windows (PC) only.
  • These instructions apply to the firmware update of all sensors and viewer modules:
  • The USB module should be connected to the computer with USB cable (without the sensor or module yet).
  • Download the installation folder to your computer.
  • Extract the zip file and run the “Prog.exe” .
  • Follow update program directives.
view101 Update graphic display module (ver. 30.61)
view200 Update digital display module (ver. 30.08)
Acceleration2  Update acceleration sensor (ver. 30.10)
Ammonium  Update ammonium sensor (ver. 30.07)
Anemometer  Update anemometer sensor (ver. 30.07)
Barometer2  Update barometer sensor (ver. 30.05)
Bloodpressure2  Update blood pressure sensor (ver. 30.03)
Calcium  Update calcium sensor (ver. 30.06)
Charge  Update charge sensor (ver. 30.05)
Chloride  Update chloride sensor (ver. 30.06)
CO22  Update CO2 sensor (ver. 30.05)
Colorimeter2  Update colorimeter sensor (ver. 30.10)
Conductivity2  Update conductivity sensor (ver. 30.04)
current2  Update current sensor (NUL-202) (ver. 30.06)
Dew_Point  Update dew point sensor (ver. 30.05)
Drop_Counter2  Update drop counter sensor (ver. 30.02)
Electrocardiogram2  Update electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor (ver. 30.04)
Flow2  Update flow rate sensor (ver. 30.06)
Force2  Update force sensor (ver. 30.04)
Force_plate<_2  Update force plate sensor (ver. 30.04)
Geiger-CounterL  Update Geiger counter sensor (ver. 30.05)
GPS  Update GPS sensor (ver. 30.24)
gsr2  Update GSR sensor (ver. 30.04)
HandDynamometer  Update hand dynamometer sensor (ver. 30.04)
Pulse2  Update heart rate and pulse sensor (ver. 30.02)
InfraredThermometer  Update Infrared thermometer sensor (ver. 30.04)
_Light2  Update light sensor (ver. 30.04)
CurrnetL  Update mA current sensor (NUL-248) (ver. 30.06)
Magnetic2  Update magnetic field sensor (ver. 30.04)
Motion2  Update motion sensor (ver. 30.09)
Nitrate  Update nitrate sensor (ver. 30.06)
Oxygen2  Update oxygen sensor (ver. 30.03)
pH2  Update pH sensor (ver. 30.03)
Photogate2  Update photo gate sensor (ver. 30.04)
Pressure2  Update pressure sensor (ver. 30.04)
Relativehumidity  Update relative humidity sensor (ver. 30.03)
ResistanceL  Update resistance sensor (ver. 30.05)
RESPIRATION  Update respiration monitor belt sensor (ver. 30.03)
Rotarymotion2  Update rotary motion sensor (ver. 30.07)
Salinity2  Update salinity sensor (ver. 30.04)
Soilmoisture2  Update soil moisture sensor (ver. 30.04)
Sound2  Update sound sensor (ver. 30.10)
Spirometer2  Update spirometer sensor (ver. 30.04)
Surface2  Update surface temperature sensor (ver. 30.04)
Temperature2  Update temperature sensor (ver. 30.04)
Turbidity2  Update turbidity sensor (ver. 30.04)
UVA2  Update UVA sensor (ver. 30.04)
UVB2  Update UVB sensor (ver. 30.04)
Voltage2  Update voltage sensor (ver. 30.03)
Hightemperature2  Update wide range temperature sensor (ver. 30.03)