Mechanics kit

Mechanics Kit (MEC-KIT)

For Physics

Classical mechanics is the study of bodies in motion (and at rest), under the action of a system of forces, according to general principles that were first stated in the seventeenth century. Classical mechanics was the first branch of physics that was developed. It has important applications in other branches of physics and also in other areas of science such as astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology and engineering. The NeuLog Mechanics Kit includes the essential items for learning mechanics. Along with the NeuLog logger sensors (not included), the kit is designed to provide a simple and intuitive learning experience.

The kit consists of:

Two utility stands, Three right angle clamps, Extension clamp, Two paper baking cups, Paper cup, Ball, Ball pump, 3 m measuring tape, Sellotape, 1 meter track, Two track riders, Two track legs, Cart with hook, Reflector plate, Two 20″ rods, Two magnets in plastic cases, Rod with pulley, Rod with pulley (perpendicular), Pulley with hook, Two boss heads, Thread, Slotted mass hanger, Slotted mass holder rod (for the cart), Two 10 g slotted masses, Three 50 g slotted masses, Two 100 g slotted masses, 500 g mass, 1000 g mass, 60 cm wooden lever ruler, Fulcrum, Rough and smooth wooden block with hook, Two postal rubber bands.

NeuLog sensors required (not included):

* Experiment P-2 requires a Battery module.

  Mechanics kit main

      Mechanics kit experiments: 

    Falling Objects P-1     Walking Analysis P-2 
    Motion Parameters of a Moving Cart P-3     Newton’s Second Law P-4
    Friction Force P-6      Pulley System P-8 
    An Inclined Plane P-9     Velocity of Free Falling Objects P-35
    Simple Pendulum P-46     Horizontal Launched Projectile Motion P-49