Force logger sensor NUL-211

Force logger sensor NUL-211

This sensor can measure the mass to weight relationship and study how different pulley systems affect the effort needed to lift weights. It can also be used to measure push/pull forces and impacts. There is a hook at the bottom of the force sensor that can be connected to various pulling loads.

The sensor can be hung from a universal laboratory stand via a rod through the hole in it.

This sensor can be operated facing upwards, downwards or at any intermediate (including horizontal) position.


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  • Used in the fields of Physics, Physiology, Mechanics, Biomechanics, Biology, etc
  • Includes a utility probe with a hook attached to the sensor by a durable rubber-coated wire and a screw for easy attachment to a lab stand.
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated at the factory.
  • The sensor can easily be reset to zero at any time.
  • Experiment duration: 50 milliseconds to 31 days.


Sensor Guide and Example labs

Sensor Guide and Example Labs

pdf Force sensor User Guide
What is included with the sensor, Sensor Specifications, Videos and experiment examples, Technical background, Maintenance and storage, Sensor offset, and Warranty.


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Sensor Requirements

Hardware (see all)


USB-200 requirements
WIFI-200 requirements
BAT-200 requirements

Software (see all)

computer requirements

Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

Multi requirements 3

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