Colorimeter logger sensor NUL-219

Colorimeter logger sensor


The colorimeter measures transmittance and absorbance of red, orange, green and blue light components projected on a solution.

The colorimeter logger sensor has an opening for a special square solution cuvette. It turns on four different lights in known values and measures the received light that passes through the solution.

This sensor has two modes of operation: Absorbance and Transmitence. Note: The plastic tube (cuvette) must be put in a certain way inside the colorimeter. The cuvette has two rough sides. These sides should not be in the line of the light. Three cuvettes are supplied with the sensor.


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  • Used in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, or even just to study the behavior of light waves.
  • Includes three plastic cuvettes with three lids
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated at the factory.
  • Experiment duration: 1 second to 31 days.


Sensor Guide and Example labs

Sensor Guide and Example Labs

pdf Colorimeter sensor User Guide
What is included with the sensor, Sensor Specifications, Videos and experiment examples, Technical background, Maintenance and storage, and Warranty.


Beer-Lambert law C-28
Chemistry Experiment
Color Absorption C-31
Chemistry Experiment

Sensor Requirements

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USB-200 requirements
WIFI-200 requirements
BAT-200 requirements

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Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

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