Spirometer logger sensor NUL-216

Spirometer logger sensor


The logger sensor enables measuring the volume of our lungs. The sensor includes a tube and it measures the air flow that passes through it. The volume (in liters) is calculated by the software area calculation function.

The tube has a narrow part in its center and it measures the flow rate by measuring the pressure difference between the two ports of the tube


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  • Used in the fields of Psychology, Biology, Exercise Science, etc.
  • Includes a metal tube attachment.
  • Includes one package of laminated paper for putting in the tube before using it and exhaling through it.
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated at the factory.
  • It is recommended to reset the sensor to 0 L/s before use.
  • Experiment duration: 1 second to 31 days.


Sensor Guide and Example labs

Sensor Guide and Example Labs

pdf Spirometer sensor User Guide
What is included with the sensor, Sensor Specifications, Videos and experiment examples, Technical background, Maintenance and storage, and Warranty.


The Lungs and Spirometry Parameters P-41
Biology Experiment

Sensor Requirements

Hardware (see all)


USB-200 requirements
WIFI-200 requirements
BAT-200 requirements

Software (see all)

computer requirements

Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

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