Oxygen logger sensor NUL-205

Oxygen logger sensor NUL-205

This sensor can be used to make measurements of the level of free oxygen in air or dissolved oxygen in water.

The free oxygen in air mode is used to measure changes in oxygen levels during combustion or in reactions that produce oxygen (hydrogen peroxide decomposition). The dissolved and free oxygen modes are very useful in the study of photosynthesis.

The oxygen sensor is designed for use both in the school laboratory and in the field. It employs easy-to-use polarographic (Clark) technology and replaceable membranes are available for it. The electrode itself is constructed of Delrin® for durability.

With its integral thermistor, it provides dependable temperature-compensated measurements. The thermistor is housed in stainless steel and sealed on the electrode’s outer wall providing fast, accurate readings.

This sensor can be used for temperature measurements in solids, liquids or gases.


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  • Used in the fields of Chemistry, Physiology, Exercise Science, Biochemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, etc.
  • The sensor is based on a Clark type probe that includes a platinum electrode and an AgCl electrode placed in a KCl electrolyte; all is covered by a Teflon membrane.
  • Includes a 30 mL oxygen sensor filling solution (1 M KCl) and a replacement membrane cap.
  • The sensor is pre-calibrated at the factory.
  • Offset of the probe assumes a standard atmospheric oxygen concentration of 20.9% or fully saturated water.
  • Experiment duration: 1 second to 31 days.


Sensor Guide and Example labs

Sensor Guide and Example Labs

pdf Oxygen sensor User Guide
What is included with the sensor, Sensor Specifications, Videos and experiment examples, Technical background, Maintenance and storage, Sensor offset, and Warranty.


Respiration B-3
Biology Experiment
Combustion C-5
Chemistry Experiment
Gas Solubility C-6
Chemistry Experiment

Sensor Requirements

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USB-200 requirements
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Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

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