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NeuLog Offers solutions for every age group -home

NeuLog Offers solutions for every age group

Elementary school

Create fascinating school demonstrations and experiments that captivate the imagination of young minds. Present natural phenomena in an appealing way, as easily as connecting building blocks.

Junior high school

Plant the seeds of the scientific thinking in the rich soil that is a young mind. Encourage experimentation in a fun easy way and lay the foundation stone of a future scientist.

High school

Guide high school students through the fascinating worlds of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental science. Conduct experiments to captivate a youthful mind simply and in diversified ways.


Supply the truth seekers of tomorrow with the most ingenious, state of the art tools of the trade. Conduct in depth researches, measurements and analysis of scientific processes and phenomena.

Sensor requirements

Sensor Requirements

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Multiple logger sensors can be used together!

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